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Our production floor includes 13 turning benches, allowing for the manufacture of components with a maximum diameter of 350mm and a length of 600mm. The tool clip can be pre-loaded with up to 24 different cutting instruments, half of which also include either rotating or live instruments. Half of our turning benches have dual spindles (incl. those with dual spindles and dual tool clips), which allows a component to be worked on from two different sides without removing it from the machine and without interrupting the operator.


Our production floor has 7 milling benches that can process components up to a size of 1500 x 700 x 500mm. The tool clip can be pre-loaded with up to 30 different cutting instruments. While using different turntables, components can also be turned along an axis during processing, that is, they can be tilted.

Surface finishing

By including selected partners in our operation process, we can offer different surface finishes on the components we produce, which improve their corrosion resistance and reduce friction or simply improve the aesthetic appeal of the component.

Control and logistics

We specialise in high-precision component production. As a result of this standard, our production floor includes several precision measurement tools and devices to constantly assess the quality of our processes and, if need be, provide measurement reports to our clients. When necessary for the client, we can also arrange for the delivery of the product to their central warehouse or directly to other destinations around the world.
  • Quality control
    • The production process undergoes quality control from the moment the purchased components arrive. We register all cases of non-conformity in the different production process stages. We are then capable of establishing the more critical process parts and can direct more control resources into the problematic sections. We will perform as agreed with the client for specified operations or the final product 100% control according to an established methodology.
  • Measurement laboratory
    • All measuring devices are calibrated on a regular basis.
  • Logistics
    • We have good cooperation partners whose assistance we can use to find the most suitable means according to speed and cost for sending different quantities of products to every corner of the world.