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The parts that we produce by turning are used in important medical, automotive, and locomotive devices – industries where the slightest imperfection or breakage can have major consequences.
Our process in milling benches can produce precise components with complex geometries or post-processing services, which have been used regularly in high-responsibility products such as infrared cameras, elevators, high-voltage systems, electric trains, and power transfer systems.

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Metec CNC oversees the manufacture of precision components through mechanical processing. We mainly cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminium but when needed, we can also cut bronze or technical plastics. The foundation of our stable growth and success has been based on the innovative application of technology in the making of every component and ensuring that every operation is completed efficiently to its finest details. This has given us a significant advantage over other companies that operate in the same arena. CONTINUE READING

02 Technology

We have dozens of turning and milling CNC benches, which can work on up to 5 axes simultaneously, produce components or complete post-processing on assembled pieces. All the production devices are purchased new and the average age of the machines on our production floor is 5 years old. Our workbenches all use similar Siemens guidance software. This allows us to produce the same components on different benches if needed and, therefore, accomplish better fulfillment time, quality, and flexibility.

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Life in a production company is like a decathlon – all job fields are represented, from sales managers, product and technology developers to production supervisors and producers. All of these activities require the support of purchasing personnel, finance and IT specialists and managers. The majority of our READ MORE
employees are still directly involved with production, where there are jobs for those interested in using computers to control contemporary production centres and robots, as well as those who feel more at home with traditional manual labour. If you are interested in a job opportunity at Metec, continue reading: